Actor Okey Uzoeshi talks about 5 things that make him a great actor


It is no doubt that Nollywood actor, Okey Uzoeshi is one exceptional actor in Nollywood and one thing you will ever commend him for is how well he nails his roles in every movie scene.

Well, curiosity pushed us to him to reveal what makes him that good and the actor revealed 5 things that for him this edge.

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1. The first thing for Okey Uzoeshi is study. According to the actor, acting entails serious studying, not just about the job but every character you want to play. You have to make appropriate research to know the background of your character and why it acts in whatever way it acts.

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2. Focus is also important as an actor especially now where we have series of distraction coming from different corner. As an actor, he has learnt to focus on his career and we can see how far that is taking him.

3. Third thing he talked about is hardwork. Now you have to look away from the idea of seeing these actors in front of TV and face the reality of the hardwork they’ve been through before getting to that screen… now that’s a lot!

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Watch the video to get the remaining things you need to know to be as good an actor as Okey Uzoeshi.