Actress Yvonne Nelson Advises Upcoming Actresses On Sex For Movie Roles


Popular Ghanaian actress and movie producer Yvonne Nelson have advised upcoming actresses to desist from sleeping with movie directors and producers for movie roles.

Popularly referred to as sex-for-roles, Ms Nelson said the phenomena exist in all walks of life and not only limited to the movie industry as it has been perceived over the years.

The award-winning actress said men have made advances at her but she stood her grounds and rejected such advances.

Speaking on Touch of Class on Class91.3FM on Monday, 4 October 2019, Ms Nelson said: “I believe sex -for-roles is everywhere, it’s in the banking sector, it’s in the churches, it’s everywhere and I think these things happen because of desperation. When a girl is so desperate, she’d want to do anything but I always tell the younger ones that if someone tells you I want to go to bed with you for a role just walk away. You can try again and keep trying, you don’t have to sleep with a man or a producer or a director for a role. How many of them can you keep sleeping with for roles?”

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She continued: “I’ve always been vocal; I’ve always been this girl who would speak her mind and just walk away. People didn’t understand, I’ve had people make advances but you say no, but that’s something that we find very difficult to say.”

There have been constant complaints from up-and-coming actresses accusing movie producers of demanding sex before giving them roles.

Some of them claim that even after giving in to the demands they are sometimes not handed the roles promised.

Ms Nelson is premiering her new movie at the Silverbird cinema titled “Fix us” on 6 December 2019. Notable names in the movie include, Yvonne Okoro, Tobi from Big Brother Nigeria, Michelle Attoh, Hajia4real, Irene Logan and Prince David Osei.

Nelson, a former Miss Ghana contestant, bust onto the movie scene with big-screen roles in Princess Tyra and Playboy. She delved into movie production in 2011. Her first production was the movie The Price, which was released that year.

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She also produced Single and Married in 2012 and House of Gold in 2013. The latter won Best Picture at the Ghana Movie Awards and Best Ghanaian Movie at the 2013 City People Entertainment Awards

On October 29, 2017, Nelson gave birth to her daughter Ryn Roberts with her ex-boyfriend, Jamie Roberts. The actress remained silent about rumors of her pregnancy until she announced the birth of her daughter through a WOW Magazine Cover.

In recent times, Nelson has taken it upon herself, together with other celebrities, to add more voices to the masses in protests against the energy crisis in her country.

She led a peaceful vigil called DumsorMustStop on May 16, 2015. The hashtag dumsormuststop is currently used on social media to amplify the concerns of Ghanaians with regards to the energy crisis.

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Yvonne, known be very vocal lately about political issues in the country lamented the lack of development in Ghana since the country attained her independence in 1957. She told the BBC in an interview that she may consider running for political office in the future. Actress Yvonne Nelson tweeted that she is looking forward to the day Ghanaians would refuse to vote in presidential elections to send a message to politicians.

Nelson founded the Yvonne Nelson Glaucoma Foundation in 2010 to help create awareness about the disease. With support from other Ghanaian celebrities, she recorded an all-star charity single and shot a video to help educate people. She also shot a video to help educate people about glaucoma. As a result of her philanthropic activities particularly in glaucoma, she was honored by GoWoman Magazine and Printex for her foundation and film career.