3 times Nollywood’s Bisola Aiyeola Cracked us up (Video)


Former Big brother Naija house mate and Nollywood actress, Bisola Aiyeola is always the life of any party you find her, that’s simply because of her amazing personality and comic character.

She has continuously cracked us up with her funny videos, and we have been able to pair up 3 of her most funny videos that will crack you up big time

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This first video is of Bisola and her sister making fun of themselves and how big their lips is in their family. This will make you laugh big time

This second video of Bisola shows how well she steps with her old school white shoes, while stepping to the popular speed Darlington Bangdadadang tune.

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Apparently while on set of the movie Golden Statue with Yvonne Jegede Fawole, our very comic Bisola Aiyeola decided to loosen the nerves a little by rubbing some of the ointment meant for her body on the make up artist, even Yvonne could not handle the bowels of laughter.

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Bisola Aiyeola has proved to us that she is not only a talented broadcaster, singer and actress, but can still make a huge wave in the comedy industry.

Thumbs up Bisola for giving us reasons to laugh always.

Check out this video below.