Check out these ‘Small but mighty’ directors that are reshaping Nollywood | Watch video


Nollywood is growing by the day but if there is one thing we are not taking serious note of, that would be the directors making these great movies that continue to take Nollywood to that new height we all love.

From The Wedding Party, to Sumtin Big, to Alter Ego, to Slow Country down to Behind the Wheels, these directors are taking what directing a movie should be like to another level, ensuring that characters are properly interpreted making it something we can suspend reality for and just watch and believe because these skills are super close to reality.

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Speaking to actors about who they consider some of their best directors in the industry in their long and short time in Nollywood, it was really interesting to find out that the names mentioned are not all popular and this mixture can only bring us nothing but hope in the industry we find ourselves in, considering our dream of seeing it grow bigger than this.

With Nollywood growing with the ‘small but mighty’ directors, we would be starting with the epitome of that phrase, Eric Aghimien.

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For a movie as big as Slow country which won series of awards and gave stardom to most actors, changing their status from Nollywood actors to award-winning Nollywood actors,  Eric Aghimien is the last person most Nollywood lovers and stakeholders were expecting to direct, but as we said earlier, he is the epitome of ‘Small but Mighty’ and he is doing greater things by the day.

According to Nollywood actor, Ademola Adedoyin, Eric Aghimien is an exceptional director and one good thing about him is that he is consistent with the genre he has picked which is “Action” and he is definitely going far with it.

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The next on our list of ‘Small but Mighty’ directors is Asurf who wowed us with Hakkunde. Watch the video below to know all; about Asurf, his skills in Hakkunde and what people are saying about him and other ‘Small but Mighty’ Nollywood directors.