Meet Actor Ramsey Nouah Awesome Wife


Talking about cute Nollywood actors, the list cannot be complete without Ramsey Nouah. The fine man actor beganhis movie career when he starred in the Nigerian TV soap opera, Fortunes. The movie role paved ways for him as he as appeared in countless movie.

The A-list actor is popularly known by his fans as ‘Lover boy’. He earned the name due to most of his movie roles, Ramsey played the romantic role so well that we were all amazed to see him differently in a movie titled Dangerous Twins; the actor really surprised and made us belief his acting skills were definitely inborn.

Due to his skills, handwork and determination, the movie star is considered one of the most sought after actors in Nigeria as his great talent has paved ways for him in the movie industry.

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The Nollywod actor has gotten numerous awards in his name, starting from 2010 when he won the Africa Movie Academy Awards as The Best Actorfor his role as a socially awkward graduate in the award winning movie titled Figurine.

Unlike most Nigerian celebrities, Ramsey Nouah has put all hands on deck in trying to save is marriage from scandal and the eye of people. Well, so far he and his beautiful wife Emelia Phillips Nouah as raised a beautiful scandal free marriage with three adorable kids.

The duo got married in 2002 and their marriage has been a roller coaster of love, trials, scandals and fear but regardless of all the ups and down they both conquered and are still stuck to this very time.


Ramsey Nouah and his beautiful wife are blessed with three adorable kids’ two handsome boys and a beautiful daughter. The proud father has taken it upon himself to shield his family from the internet saga, I mean that is the only way you can remain sane as a celebrity.

The lover boy actor has once complained that one of the goofy things about being a public figure is the inability to spend quality times with family, he says ‘having a family time out is hard because we bump into fans who wants pictures with me,my children usually don’t like it so instead of going out,we rather enjoy the family time at home by watching TV and playing games.

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Ramsey Nouah has gone through a thousand and one death scandals but somehow, the A-list actor has seemed to overcome all the death rumours and he is actually alive, getting more handsome, gracing our screens with wonderful movies from him.

The Merry men star definitely has a lot of new movie roles on his sleeves but due to his life secrecy we really cannot be affirmative and as we await his greater feats for the year, we wish him a scandal free life.

We definitely hope to see more of him on our screens with no death scandals and we anticipate seeing his offspring’s creating a niche for themselves with less secrecy like their father.